Dive into Learning with 'Sea Pals' - The Ultimate Phonemic Adventure!

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Make Learning a Splash:

"Sea Pals" isn't just a book; it's a phonemic extravaganza! Sail through the pages with adorable sea characters who make learning sounds and letters a joyous experience.

What Makes 'Sea Pals' Special:

Explore the unique blend of storytelling and phonemic awareness activities that make "Sea Pals" a valuable educational tool. Dive into engaging exercises that reinforce letter recognition, sound association, and early reading skills, turning each page into a stepping stone toward literacy success.

Vibrant Visuals, Auditory Delights:
Witness the magic of phonemic awareness brought to life through vibrant illustrations and clever wordplay. The combination of visual and auditory stimuli creates an immersive learning environment.

Interactive Learning Play:

Extend the adventure beyond the book! Download accompanying Under The Sea coloring and activity pages. Learning has never been this much fun!



"Sea Pals" aligns with phonemic awareness principles recommended for early childhood development. We host a primary homeschool program and can attest that it will help to foster a love for language in the hearts of young learners."

-Lakisha Tibbs

Director & Educational Consultant

IMEC Academy & Kindergarten Prep LLC

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